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Lexus RX L 2018 Review

Lexus RX L 2018 Review

Our Lexus RX L 2018 Review with the team from Motoring Australia takes a look at this popular luxury crossover, which finally, after 20 years and four generations has seen Lexus produce a seven seat version of its popular RX SUV.

The great news is it’s only $3,300 more than the five seat version, but is it any good?  Let’s find out…

The good news is the extra pair of seats doesn’t cost you, at less than $3,300 for the entry-level RX 350 L, which is priced from under $85,000, that makes the V6 Petrol RX L much cheaper than the most basic diesel versions of seventh seat luxury SUVs like the Audi Q7, BMW X5 and Volvo XC90 and for a little over $100,000, the sports luxury version adds even more gear like 14 weight power adjustment for the front seats, a 15 speaker Mark Levinson sound system, 12.3 inch display screen and a panoramic view monitor.

The third row of seats costs even less on the RX 450 HL hybrid which is priced from under $95,000 and they come with their own curtain airbags, electric folding system and air conditioning outlets.

But, the bad news is the new rear seats are a kids-only zone or for very occasional adult use because the headroom is tight and the legroom is short, even with the middle row all the way forward and the seats are so low you can rest your chin on your knees. They’re probably better than the X5, but much tighter than the bigger Q7, which you expect given the our XL rides on the same wheelbase as the RX and it’s body is just 110mm longer at the rear where there’s a more vertical tailgate.

The upside of this and the flat folding third row is more luggage space including a class-leading cargo length of 566mm behind the rear seats and 432 litres of space with them folded and because the RX L is only marginally longer and heavier than the five seat RX, it drives exactly the same even if the 350’s power and torque is slightly down due to the single exhaust.

No, the RX L doesn’t offer class leading dynamics but it is one of the quietest most refined best equipped and most exquisitely finished SUVs in its class and it comes with unrivalled after sales care so we’re not surprised Lexus expects the L to account for a quarter of all RX sales which already outnumber the XC90, Land Rover Discovery, Volkswagen Touareg and Porsche Cayenne.

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